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July 27, 2004

I need some opinions on what else to add to the site. I realize I need to update the older sections, and I will. However, I would also like to add either a Saint Seiya screenshot section (or maybe just a Hyoga screenshot section) or a Voyager info/screen page. I'm also thinking about either moving or deleting the PSO Screens section, since the amount of traffic it gets doesn't justify the 100 MB it takes up.

So, basically, I need opinions on that.
Saint Seiya
Hyoga 2 3

Saint Seiya screenshot section, Hyoga fansite/screenshot section, or Voyager fansite/screenshot section?
Keep, move, or delete PSO Screens?


It doesn't matter! (Says the guy who has never looked at any of them...)

I'd have to think that you're right on this one Alan. The 100 megs just don't justify it. I think the second guy you listed up there looks cooler. I'm not going to lie. I have no idea who either of yhem are, but I just get this feeling that the first guy could kick the second guy's ass.

Errr. Disregard that. The second dude would totally whup the first guys ass.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeh, i'm hyper, but yoyager would kick some seroius guy/girl-in-shiny-pink-armor dude's ass.

sweet. i screwed up the post section!

lol well, considering that you put up one picture for Saint Seiya (sp?) and three of Hyoga(sp?) and none whatsoever of Voyager (heh at least I know how to spell that one...)... I'd say that your decision has probably already been made

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