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August 17, 2004
Skinning function

AlanvDotOrg has gotten another major makeover. This time, I added a custom skinning feature. Click the number of the skin you want and the site will skin itself! The default skin is currently set at #3, Excuse my cluttered mind..., so clicking #3 again won't do anything :-P

I coded this last night at midnight, so please, tell me about errors you may be getting. I realize that going to archive pages (which, BTW, aren't skinned) and back resets the skin, and that commenting also resets the skin, but I'm not quite sure what to do about that yet.

I'm also taking suggestions for more skins. Want to see a Ryudo skin? A photo-based skin? Post suggestions by commenting!


do a ppa nerd theme/ your photos theme! thatd be awesome :-)



I love it like... O.O amazing

you need voyager theme. and maybe a college theme when you get there. but i like it right now, eez very good. except the #2 is too cluttered. oh well. nice fonts tho, *nudge*

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