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September 17, 2004
New Skin

Yet another new skin. Hey, I'm under a lot of stress right now from classes, and I relieve stress by coding (websites or otherwise).

This skin is titled "Friends are like stars..." and feature my friends (randomly generated on each page). It's functional (or it should be, please tell me about any errors), but under constrution. Remember, you can memorize skins now, so test it out and, if you like it, memorize it!


i love the new one. maybe you could make the text a little more legible though? thats the only thing i have a spot of trouble with, otherwise awesome.

yeah, the text is still bad, a little better than the version you showed me, but hard to read, make the frames darker, or use black text. i see you've taken some of my suggestions tho, cool. and i'm just being picky, but do a better job of cropping the photo(s) vicki's feet have wierd multicolored growths. he he he.

text = much better. awesome sauce.

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