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September 23, 2004
Want Gmail?

Next week is AlanvDotOrg's one year birthday.. yes, one year ago on September 29, this website was registered and went live for the first time. It's certainly been through a lot of changes since then...

Anyway, to celebrate, I'm giving away gmail invites (I have 6). Not for free, however... here's what you have to do to get an invite.

Switch to Firefox (I trust that you'll switch permanently, or at least give FF a whole-hearted try instead of just grabbing your invite and running back to sucky IE). Once you have done so, use Firefox to navigate to this page. Follow the instructions there.

Get Firefox!


Alan you rule!

I did it Alan, I finally switched over to Firefox. I don't really see what is so special about it. Oh well.


PS: I dont need a gmail invite, I already have one ;-)

Then you obviously havn't explored all the features.
Once you start using tabbed browsing, downloading skins, and installing extentions, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.

The live RSS feeds, the built-in popup blocker, and the download manager are amazing, and the options give you amazing control. And if that level of control isn't enough, type "about:config" (without the quotes) in your URL bar and press enter. Voila!

Also, the security can't be beat. Have you patched your computer yet? Again? IE and Office has a vulnerability that lets people hack your computer through JPEG files, sadly. Get Firefox and never worry about all those security exploits that keep appearing.

I personally recommend the Qute theme, along with the 'Mini-t' and 'Web developer' extentions.

oooooooh themes...i like themes :-D



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