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September 29, 2004
Happy Birthday, AlanvDotOrg!

Today is AlanvDotOrg's one year birthday! Yes, one year ago today, the site went live for the first time. Wonder if anyone actually remembers that bright and colorful splash that went up (with the childish letters that were falling over).

In any case, I still have 4 gmail accounts, so that deal will remain valid until I run out. Switch to Firefox, get a gmail invite. It's that simple. See previous post for more information.

Also, I am now officially declaring my site non-IE friendly. From this point on, I will conform more to web standards instead of IE's twisted messed-up standards. If you're viewing my page from IE and it doesn't show up correctly, tough luck. No emails from IE users complaining that skin x or feature y doesn't work. I will be testing my website in Firefox (mostly), as well as Netscape and Safari. Why? Well, let's just say IE is costing me two hours of my life when I have to rewrite already perfect code so IE will intepret it correctly (see today's journal entry).


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