October 22, 2004
Vote Kerry

Print these posters and stick them up around your town or school.

According to GeorgeWBush.com (one of the worst designed sites I've ever seen, BTW), "This election, blog endorsements are becoming as coveted as your newspaper's endorsement."

Well then, how's this?

If Bush wins this election, I have serious fears about the future of our nation, and if there will even be a nation to hold elections in four years from now.
I'm serious. Bush puts far less weight on world opinion than he needs to. Despite what he believes, we CANNOT go it alone. We can't afford to. Look at what this war is doing to our troops, our economy, our morale.
Like it or not, we ARE part of this world. Bush needs to realize that and understand that the world opinion of us is shit right now, and that that IS important.
Bush has resolve, yes. But that resolve is misplaced. Instead of blindly attacking nations, hoping somehow that will solve the "terrorism problem" (or for the oil), he needs to focus on the homeland. He needs to get the world WITH us instead of against us. Get allies to help us in our efforts. And I'm not talking about something like your amazing "coalition of the willing."

Now, I myself have found myself agreeing more and more with Libertarian ideas lately, however, my endorsement (whatever that counts for) goes to Kerry for the simple reason that he's the only non-Bush candidate capable of winning this election.

Bush keeps invoking images of the flag, and implying that voting Bush is the "American" thing to do. Well then, how's this... it's the "American" thing to want the best for your nation. If Bush is re-elected, the US has a very real chance of falling from power, being humiliated until we can't do ANYTHING In the world, or even destroyed (from the inside out [economically] or from the outside in [nuclear war, anyone?]).

It's time for a regime change. This reign of terror needs to end. Vote Kerry 2004.

Just my two cents, whatever value the two cents of a seventeen-year-old college student has.

Print these posters and stick them up around your town or school.


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