November 03, 2004
I don't understand you, America

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Actually, America has spoken. For the most part, the majority of America is not represented by the MSM, Hollywood elitists or the left wing liberals. The Democratic Party as a whole has lost site of its mission and is paying the price through the polls. Like him or not, George W Bush is the leader of this country and history will show that he led us through very dangerous and perilous times.

Posted by: Toni at November 4, 2004 01:32 AM

You obviously didn't even read my entry, which goes to show how closed-minded Republicans are today. Nowhere did I say America has not spoken or that Bush stole this election... in fact, I said quite the opposite.

For your information, I am not a Democrat. I don't need a lecture on the political makeup of the nation... unlike Republicans, I actually do my research and choose candidates based on issues rather than blindly following their "leader."

And if you're going to lecture me, at least use proper spelling. "lost sight"

Posted by: Alan at November 4, 2004 07:54 AM

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