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July 14, 2005
Zeke's Nose Card Game

Well, I was bored, and a comment by Zeke got me motivated...
The result is the Zeke's Nose card game. It's really not as bad as it sounds. And it doesn't sound that bad.
Try it out! Tell me what you think! If the deck or cards need tweaking, I can do it easily.

Edit: Graphic cards for the game are now up. Go download and.. um... enjoy?


Alan, I enjoyed your one-of-a-kind card game, Zeke's Nose, and anxiously await the release of the cards. I had a stressful afternoon as a kid once when I stuck a Cocoa Puff up my nose, and couldn't get it out. I was too embarrassed to tell my babysitter. I don't remember what finally happened, but I probably sneezed it out! Keep up the good work!
Zeke's uncle John

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