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July 30, 2005
New skins

Well, I was in a skinning mood, and I was feeling nostalgic after my talk with Kat yesterday, so I converted the first AlanvDotOrg splash into a skin. I didn't do a very good job (I didn't know how to incorporate the blog), but whatever.
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Then, because the first one didn't take very long, and I felt bad about making yet another bad skin, I also made one based on my favorite TV series, Star Trek: Voyager. Naturally, it had to have my favorite character, Tom Paris, on it. The result is skin 14, Flyboy.
Apply "Flyboy"

Also, most of the skin descriptions on the skins page have gotten rewritten (they were so badly outdated).


Tom Paris is your favorite Voyager character?
I liked Voyager. It wasn't crappy as the other newer ST shows (DS9, Enterprise sucked)
But Tom Paris? You seem to be forgetting everyone's favorite busty borg... j/k

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