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November 27, 2006

You may have noticed that most email addresses no longer work. As part of my ongoing battle against spam (which was pushing 1000 messages a day), I have disabled all site-based email accounts on the domain except for a new sitesubmit(at) Use this address instead for site-related correspondence.

Affected addresses are (all
gilder, site, submission, ask, fanlisting, contest, psotcg, photos, journal, siteerror, swccg, seiyacg, junk, deadbaby, thoughts, zekesnose

Please note that if you already use one of my personal addresses for correspondence, you are not affected. If in doubt, email me as usual. All affected addresses have been set to reject email (and bounce back with a "no such address" message). If you do not recieve any auto-reply messages, I more than likely have recieved it.


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