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August 12, 2009
Backend rewrite

Notice anything different? Other than a few removed sections, fewer skins, and a different URL, you shouldn't. However, the backend of the site has been completely rewritten from scratch.

The rewrite was partially motivated by the fact that I really wanted commenting to be enabled again, and the old site system (built as an unholy combination of PHP that read from Movable Type-generated files) would have required massive changes to make this happen. In addition, the organization of files was becoming a real problem and the number of skins that I really hated had reached a tipping point.

The rewrite actually began mid-July 2008. Unfortunately, subsequent failures of my computer's internet and general laziness caused me to continue to push the project back. It should finally be complete.

Feel free to poke around and try the various functionality. I'll gradually be adding the skins I liked back (along with a couple of new ones), but I wanted to get the site back up. As always, please let me know if something is broken.

So welcome back... to AlanvDotOrg version 4.0.


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