July 05, 2005
Movable Type Errors

Movable Type has been generating a lot of 500 Server Errors lately. Basically, it's getting to the point where it's hard to add a new entry, and impossible to update existing ones.
If this continues, I'll have to install a new blogging engine, which will hopefully work with what I currently have... Either that or start my journal over. I'll let you know what I decide if things go downhill.

Edit: Okay, I'm not the only one with the issue. The problem stems from a July 1 perl module update with some (apparently) faulty code. This plus the way MT handles enties means it throws 500 errors when first loading, when trying to modify certain things, and when processing entries over a certain length (which explains why yesterday's journal entry failed once I editted it, adding more length). This has been temporarily resolved by my amazing webhost (TotalChoice Hosting) by rolling back the perl modules on the entire server, and not letting cpanel update them again.
So yeah, basically, the problems are gone for now, but it's a temporary fix. Everyone is waiting to hear what SixApart does to fix this issue, since it's showing up on pretty much every webhost.

And Zeke, I tried switching to Wordpress yesterday. It went significantly less than spectacularly. As in it wouldn't install correctly the first time, and then wouldn't let me delete entries or comments. I didn't even dare try importing my entries. So yeah, I'm staying with MT for the time being.

Edit edit: The faulty modules have been fixed, and there shouldn't be any more problems with MT. Please notify me of errors, as always, at siteerror (at) alanv.org.


swiiiiiiitch to woooooordpress...
Meh. Doesn't matter really. But I like how they're not corporate. And it's oh-so-pretty php, and you can tweak it all pretty easily.

Now converting your main site to that... Yeah. That could be a problem. But importing journal entries is a snap, they have a built in MT-to-WP app that imports all of your entries and comments.
Right now I'm working on integrating my entire site into WordPress... possibly including my Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Posted by: Zeke at July 6, 2005 05:15 PM

re: edit...
Sticking with MT is fine. WP !> MT. Even though you can't say !>.

Wow. That's ugly. I typed that as !>.
And that was even uglier. It was !>.
I'll think I'll stop now before I keep doing that for eternity.

Oh, and one of the biggest things that they're working on with WP 1.6 is making importing from MT a lot easier. As in punching in a couple of options, and BAM! It reads straight from MT's database.

The sporadic part of my brain (the part that constantly changes blog themes and e-mail engines) constantly tempts me to change my blogging software. But I must resist going that far (any more) for my readers' sake. I'm tempted at the moment to go back to using Blogger (Because it's easy to integrate with non-blog content)

Posted by: Zeke at July 6, 2005 11:08 PM

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