January 14, 2010
Cleanup, New Syndication, and New Cards

I've removed the Combined TCG section, as it really seemed like no one cared about that anyway. If anyone really cares, feel free to ping me for a copy of the various conversion rules. The STDs card game is also gone because I wasn't really ever going to get around to making graphical cards, and what fun are STDs without a lot of horrific photos?

Additionally, I have added Twitter syndication to the dashboard, and you can also view it directly in skin 6 with the "Latest Twitter" link at the top of the page. Not really sure why I did it, but meh.

Also, for all (one? zero?) of you following the RPG Get! CCG, I've uploaded the first expansion set of cards. I eventually need to get some playtesting done for the game so I can fix things that are broken (and I'm sure there's a lot that's broken). If you're actually interested in playing, or if you have playtested and have suggestions, you should ping me.


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Posted by: Alan at January 14, 2010 10:47 PM

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