September 11, 2010

More cleanup has been done around the site. First of all, there's a new default skin. The new skin is very basic (entirely CSS styled) and emphasizes the most active sections of my website (photos and journal).

Second of all, my old journal and photos site have been removed. This is partially because they were old and out of date, and partially because I really just didn't want them online anymore. I suppose it's true that nothing can ever truly be removed from the internet, but at least I don't have to make it easy to find.

Photos 2 (now really just "Photos") has also had some slight changes to make the gallery names more descriptive. You may also notice short descriptions inside each gallery that provide more information. It seemed like a good idea to make photos more generally searchable with reasonable keywords.

More changes may be coming in future days, including various cleanup of my card game websites that brings with it some new games.


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