Current Sections

These sections are the the central parts of my site, and are updated pretty regularly. (Which these days means once every month or two.)

Alan's Journal
My journal is where I write about happenings in my life, rant, post random photos, describe tasty food, and put updates on card games.

Alan's Photos
My photos site contains dumps of photos from various events, trips, and general life happenings.
This site features my photo journal as well as photo stats, and documents my day-to-day life since the year 2000.

Hiatus Sections

These sections are stuff that I've lost interest in, so they are on hiatus. They may be updated in the future when I regain interest.

Alan's Card Games
I like creating card games. A lot. This site provides a history of (almost all) the card games I've created, and provides a home for many of them.

Investigations CCG
Investigations is a customizable card game system that combines multiple TV shows (such as Supernatural and Psych) into a single card game. The game is currently in beta mode.

People Wars CCG
People Wars is a customizable card game themed around people working on tasks and killing each other. Download the cards, build decks, play with your friends!

Randomjunk is just that: a whole lot of random junk. Started as a section for sketches and doodles, it has grown to include quotes, collections, and other random images.

RPG Get! is a customizable card game system that combines multiple RPGs (such as Grandia 2, PSO, and Skies of Arcadia) into a single card game. The game is currently in beta mode, and is on hiatus while it undergoes a revamp.

Retired Sections

These sections, for one reason or another, will never be updated. Maybe they are complete. Maybe I never plan to update them again. In any case, their content is now static.

Alan's Carnegie Mellon Page
When I was in college, this site served as a central source of information on my classes and life at CMU. Now that I've graduated, it is no longer updated, but some of the information may still be useful.

CMU Adventures
An online game best described as a "graphical text adventure". Set on the Carnegie Mellon campus, it could also potentially be used as a way to virtually tour the campus. Try it!

Dark Side of the Moon
With no relation to the album of the same name, this was a project I did for my Junior English class. It's a work of fiction based on an RP by David and I. The illustrations were (badly) drawn by me, with photographs cut in. Read it and tell me what you think!

Dead Baby
I have a rather... unusual obsession with dead babies. Dead Baby is my webcomic based on the adventures of a dead baby. It is no longer updated due to lack of interest.

Saint Seiya Card Game
This card game was created as a response to the horrendous "Knights of the Zodiac" card game by Bandai. This is not a collectable card game; rather, the cards are fixed. One download and you're good to go! Visit and play now!

Student Wars CCG
Student Wars is a collectable card game based around GPA. The "improved" version of PPA TCG, it contains stuff from both CMU and PPA. This is the official website. The game has been retired, so no additional updates are expected. Download cards, build a deck, and play!

The Shadow and Gilder Shrine
This was main site on AlanvDotOrg... the start of it all. This shrine to Shadow from SA2B and Gilder from SoA contains tons of exclusive info, screenshots, games, downloads, video clips, and more. It is no longer being updated due to lack of interest.

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